3 AM


A million years ago we drank Jack Daniel’s watching Mad Max movies all night until dawn.

A thousand years ago we really tried to make this work but it was gone.

A hundred years ago we tried.

Ten years ago we failed.

One year ago and you are happy. You have a wife. And a baby.

One day and I finally realized I have to let you go.

I have loved you for so long it’s just a feeling that we dream about.

This fog we’re driving into I’m going to help and get you out.

One minute ago, I sat there quietly, thinking about the past.

Time rolls. Seconds pass. I’m alone.

3 AM.  A bottle of Jack. A quiet home.

Tonight is gone.

But maybe tomorrow.

Another dawn.

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Nasty dirty evil little thing.

Call me call her call him.

Why didn’t you tell me?

Light up light down

Lay down lay me down

That’s how it starts.

Small and hot and few and far between.

One drink two drinks

We all drink to lay it down.

He knows she knows they know we know

And long before you know it

Something else will come along.

So you think.

But you think hard

And you think long

And I think short and fast.

And still that does not separate us.

The smoke of degradation floats around me

Curls slow.

I can smell it when I’m alone.


You know

You know when you’re alone.

It’s dark and sad

The clink of glass

On glass.

The ice it melts

So quiet that you hear

The gentle rustle of your coat

Or hers or his

You wish that it was yours.

And I appear from here and there

And here is everywhere

Is nowhere

Is now.

Now we see and we say nothing.

Ask no questions.

Question no reasons no motives no lies.

We lie together lay together

We have lain and lied

With each other

To each other

The other does not matter anymore.

More is where we fall short.

Come up quick

We’ve kept our distance

Distance keeps us close.

Echo down that long far hall

Closer to my room.

My house my life my heart.

It is so disheartening to see you there

Standing by the door

Waiting on some word

That you will never hear.

You only hear the words and words

Will just not care.

Care will not be helpful

Help me help you

And maybe help is on its way.

Far away and not too far

There is a place that I can go.

If you let me I will take you

Stay silent and watch the road.

Concentrate on now

And later you will find your own way home.

Home is the place where you dream of this

And this is  not a dream.

Dream of gypsies

Hundreds thousands

Days are here and nights are gone.

They are gone

We are gone you are gone

I am going and going alone

Back into your nighttime dreaming.

Dreaming nights and nightmares

You will see me there.

Waiting walking waking.

Wake up.

I will pick you up

In a few short minutes.

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And now I must go to bed

and dream of wild men.

And in the morning I am going to

put curls in my hair.

I didn’t know how the story ended.

Middle of the bed

Middle of the balcony

In a huge apartment

On the floor;

I will bet that you can’t remember

even half of it.

If you would dance with me

If you would lay with me

There was rain and we had rain

There was a jungle that you ran through

You were always chasing me

in the dark.

I could never get away.

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Dragon eyes,

cold and green when they looked upon me;

I could make them red and fiery,

until they burned into mine

with an intensity I have never felt again.

It is hard not to think about this time in my life

when I want it back so badly.

Like the myth,

maybe it was not real,

and maybe you do not exist anymore.

Perhaps my dragon lover is only a ghost

in the shadows of my mind.

But I believe in dragons and ghosts,

and that is what you have become;

A spirit haunting my life.

And if that is all I can have,

then it is enough.

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Do you love me

as always?

Lest I should believe it not true,

let it not ever be said.

After all,

summer returns again.

Behind a dark mask of night,

our frail hearts scream,


love lost to winter’s sight.

It grows cold,

through winds’ change,

yours and mine.

Needs not strength,

but the heat of long days to survive.

Goodnight, sleeping prince;

We will wake once again

in summer’s light.

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